World Class Speaking™ Seminar

for Japanese doing Business in English - Saturday April 27, 2013
Become a Better Speaker - Speak English with Confidence, Present with Impact!
— for more business, your promotion or a new job.

Guest Speaker: Kei Sakaguchi, President of Forum for Corporate Communications (FCC)
Former PR Director at Coca-Cola Japan & Sony Corporation

This seminar is designed to meet the needs of Japanese business professionals required to do business in English. You may be working for a foreign company—or at a Japanese company where you deal with foreign clients and markets.

Do you have any of these challenges?

  • You feel nervous when speaking English in front of a group?
  • You find it difficult to speak and present in English to international business people?
  • You are looking for techniques to help make you a more confident English speaker?
  • You cannot express your ideas and proposals in a clear and persuasive way?
  • You would like to speak and present better in English for your career advancement?
  • You feel you spend too much time preparing your English presentations?

Who Should Attend?

The program is specifically designed for Japanese business managers and professionals—especially if:

- You are moving to a job position where you are frequently required to make business presentations and speeches in English to foreign customers and other audiences—but have not yet acquired a basic and effective communication framework; or

- You are already speaking and making business presentations in English, but would like to improve—and feel more confident and comfortable.

This seminar is structured to meet these needs by offering practical tips for establishing effective English speaking and presentation skills—through lectures, small group exercises and analysis of great presentations and famous speakers.


The seminar provides techniques and knowledge which will make you a more confident English speaker and better presenter—and help you do business more successfully with international companies and business people, and more easily gain approval for your ideas and proposals.

Seminar instructors from 3 continents—America, Europe & Asia!

Special Guest Speaker

Our Special Guest Speaker, Kei Sakaguchi, will give you key insights on how to succcessfully speak and present as a Japanese business professional to international business people. He is a highly experienced executive with a distinguished career from Sony Corporation and Coca-Cola in the areas of communications, PR and corporate presentation.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to successfully present and communicate in English.
  • How to speak and persuade in English with confidence.
  • How to create engaging and effective English presentations in half the time.
  • How to deliver your message with clarity and passion.
  • Top 10 mistakes to avoid when you speak and present.
  • Special techniques for creating great content and storytelling for business
  • Key success points when presenting to a multi-national group.
  • .....and more!

What are the Main Course Modules?

  1. Business Communication Across Borders
  2. Creating a Successful Presentation
  3. Mastering Storytelling for Business
  4. Dynamic Delivery Secrets

William Reed, Certified World Class Speaking Coach - Bio

Master of Education. Published bilingual author, including Amazon number one bestseller, and columnist for Daily Yomiuri newspaper. Has appeared as presenter on NHK World and Asahi Sattelite TV. Keynote speaker and corporate trainer on Creativity and Teamwork for multinational and Japanese companies. 7th degree black belt in Aikido and licensed teacher of Brush Calligraphy.

Trond Varlid, Certified World Class Speaking Coach - Bio

MBA. Extensive international experience from the U.S., Europe and Asia, including senior executive positions in corporate banking, online wealth management, and technology. Member of Executive Committee and Judging Panel of JMEC, an international business training program based in Tokyo—operated by 16 foreign chambers of commerce. Author of South African Wines 101.

How Do I Sign Up?

The course is offered as a One-Day seminar. To sign up, please click 'GET TICKET' on the right-hand side of this Web page. A Course Completion Certificate will be issued to each participant.

The course fee includes the World Class Speaking book, workbook, practice sheets, and a ¥3,000 Bonus Coupon for any future EMC Quest services or products that you may purchase.

If you have any questions or need further details, please contact Trond Varlid:


What Do Our Customers Say about World ClassSpeaking™?

"I really enjoyed your World Class Speaking program—and have started using the techniques. They make a real difference for effective speaking and presentation!"

N. Mizono, Marketing Manager

"Your World Class Speaking Program was amazingly well-organized and informative!"

T.O., Manager at leading IT company

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Sat Apr 27, 2013
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM JST
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TKP Shibuya Conference Center
World Class Speaking Course for Business Professionals SOLD OUT ¥28,500
World Class Speaking Course for Business Professionals; incl. World Class Speaking Book, workbook, practice sheets, ¥3,000 discount coupon for any EMC Quest product or service SOLD OUT ¥28,500
World Class Speaking Course for Business Professionals SOLD OUT ¥28,500
WCS Course for Business Professionals Early Bird Discount SOLD OUT ¥24,225
WCS Course for Business Professionals SOLD OUT ¥28,500
WCS Course for Business Professionals Early-Bird Discount. Pay by Mar 20 SOLD OUT ¥24,225
WCS Course for Business Professionals Early-Bird Discount Pay by Mar 25 SOLD OUT ¥22,800
WCS Course for Business Professionals Early-Bird Discount Pay by March 25 SOLD OUT ¥24,225
Group discounts available, if you join & pay as a group. Contact trond.varlid@emcquest.com for details. FULL
WCS Seminar for Japanese SOLD OUT ¥28,500
Group discounts available, if you join & pay as a group. Contact trond.varlid@emcquest.com for details. FULL
Venue Address
東京都渋谷区渋谷2-17-3 渋谷東宝ビル Japan
Event organized by GLOBIS lecturer Trond Varlid